Sunday, December 27, 2009

2 in a row!?

On paper, last nights game probably didnt get anyones heart racing. Carolina is the worst team in the league, & the Flyers are struggling bigtime. But the game turned out to be one of the more entertaining ones I've watched in quite some time. I was pumped when Danny Briere made it 3-0, but then all hell broke loose, & in the blink of an eye, the game was tied 3-3. Overtime was back & forth with both teams getting several quality scoring chances. Im a fan of the shootout, but it would have been neat to see overtime keep going the way it was.

If the Flyers played the way they played in the 3rd period last night against a team like Washington or Pittsburgh, they would have gotten killed. But the fact is they did what they had to do to beat the team they were playing. A win over the Canes counts for the same amount of points as a win over any other team. Bill Clement said it best on the post game when he said that this game showed how far the Flyers have come under Peter Laviolette, and it shows how far they still have to come.

Theres no doubt that the previous couple & next couple games are against some of the weaker teams in the east, compared to the stretch that they were playing when Laviolette took over. But wins are wins, and this team its gaining confidence back. There is no reason why we cant take 4 points from the New York teams over the next couple days and take that momentum into Fenway on Friday. Im not saying were back on track yet, but were certainly alot closer than we were a few days ago

LETS GO FLYERS!!!!!!!!!!

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