Monday, January 4, 2010

Im Back

OK well Ive been away for a few days. So I wont bother writing a Winter Classic review, because everyone already has. All I'll say that it was a goosebumps day. One of the coolest things Ive ever watched on TV. I really wish I was there.

Yesterday, the Flyers returned to hockey of the indoor variety. It was a very entertaining game, especially if you enjoy yelling & cursing at the TV and throwing things around the house, because thats what I did. After taking an early 1-0 lead, Michael Leighton allowed 2, & was then pulled for Boucher, who then allowed 2 more. Then in the 2nd, the Flyers came out on fire and tied the game up. Then I cursed more as the Flyers blew it.

Up until yesterday, the Flyers had been playing much better under Peter Laviolette. Im just hoping yesterday was a minor speed bump on their road to the playoffs. With the exception of the 2nd period, they looked horrible. They have a winnable game back at home on Wednesday against a bad, but tough Maple Leaf team. It dosent matter who your opponent is, if they play like they did yesterday, they will lose. Laviolette knows this, & hopefully, everyone in the locker room knows it.

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