Sunday, January 10, 2010

E-A-G-L......ahh never mind

Well at least one Philly team one last night. I must say for the first time in a while, I'm feeling really good about the Flyers. They're winning games consistently, & they're looking solid doing it. For the most part, the stars are playing well lately, and as always, the role players are doing their role well, as seen by Blair Betts' potting 2 last night. It took a few weeks, but it looks like the Flyers may finally be starting to "get" Laviolette's system, and the results have been really good. Over the next couple weeks, we have winnable games. No team is going to win all of them, but if we can average 4 out of 5 against winnable teams, that will go a long way to moving us up in the standings.

Ray Emery made 12 saves on 14 shots last night for the Phantoms in his rehab start. This is where it gets interesting. When he comes back to the big club (Tuesday?) What happens with the other 2 goalies? Leighton has been the biggest surprise on the team this year, and dont forget, before Boosh hurt his finger against Florida, he was playing really well too. I dont think their is any argument, that if this team is going to make a run in the playoffs, Emery is the guy to take us, and when he comes back, he will be & should be the starter, but what happens to Boosh & Leighton? My guess is that they carry 3 goalies on the roster for a little while & healthy scratch one of them until they see if Emery is 100% healthy. Once he is back full time (and knock on wood, stays healthy) I would put out some feelers for trade and see what you could get for Leighton or Boosh. Although I doubt we would get much, if someone was desperate and wanted to give up a 2nd round pick, I'd make that trade in a heartbeat, rememeber for all this team has, it dosent have many high draft picks over the next couple years.

Of course this is all speculation on my part. Obviously Homer & the rest of the front office have probably been thinking about what they're going to do for a while now & probably already know whats going to happen. Its just nice for the first time I can remember, we have too much talent at the goaltender position. Thats certainly a good problem to have!

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  1. I have to completely agree, I would not mind losing boosh for a second round pick since leighton is a capable backup at like 300k or however little he makes, it'll be interesting to see what happens