Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dallas Sucks!

Tonight the Flyers will try to stand up for Philadelphia & beat Dallas. Although a 11-0 win still wont erase our memories of another recent Philly vs Dallas matchup, it certainly wouldnt hurt. As Ive mentioned before, I think the Flyers are starting to "get it" under Laviolette. That, along with a stretch of winnable games could mean great things for the Flyers.

As for tonights game, I dont know, Dallas really bores me. They've got a couple good players but they dont excite me in any way. I have a strange feeling that this game is going to be really boring & slow with only a couple minutes of exciting action. With that being said, if we come out on top, I dont care. As long as we get 2 points, Ill sit through a snoozefest. By the way, Im really glad that the Carter for Turco trade rumors earlier this season werent true. I think Turco is as overrated as they get

Now that the Eagles are done, and the Phillies are a little over a month away from spring training, its all about the Flyers. However if they go into another tailspin, the wonderful local media will ignore them and find something else to yap about. This is an exciting young team that is starting to play really well, so pay attention everyone!!

LETS GO FLYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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